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What can Support Guy Help me With?

  Support Guy can provide assistance with virtually all components of your Norstar or BCM system.  No task is too big or too small!   
  Troubleshooting/Diagnostics - Is there a recurring or chronic problem with your system.  Support Guy can assist by troubleshooting, isolating the root cause, and if possible, correcting the issue on the spot.  Reports can be provided detailing the problem.  
  Software Maintenance - It's extremely important to keep your BCM up to date with the latest software patches released by the manufacturer.  These patches contain corrective fixes and component enhancements to keep your BCM operating and performing properly.  Support Guy can provide and install these patches remotely, keeping your BCM up to date.  
  Patch Library Access - You know how to install patches but don't have access to them?  Support Guy will provided 24 hour access to the Patch Library for your release of BCM, for a very small fee.  Patches are the current Nortel GA release and ReadMe files are included.  As Nortel publishes new patches, they will immediately be added to the library and any obsolete patches will be removed. (BCM3.6 & Newer Only)  
  Configuration Changes and Design - Need to make a change?  Whatever it is ... Support Guy can help!  Thinking of changing the way calls move through your organization?  Support Guy specializes in call flow design, making your phone system do what you want it to do, when you want it to do it!  
  Voicemail, Auto Attendant, CCR, and Call Center (ACD) - Support Guy specializes in Voicemail/Call Center (ACD) call flow, and Reporting for Call Center troubleshooting and repair.  
  VoIP (Voice over IP) - The fastest growing, and least understood, sector of telecom.  Support Guy is a Nortel Networks Certified Technology Specialist in VoIP.  Assistance provided for  IP Trunking, IP Sets, Call Flow, Toll Bypass and Quality of Service (QoS).  
  Emergency Recovery Services - Are you prepared for an Emergency?  Is your system configuration backed up regularly?  Support Guy can assist by backing up your system on a regular basis, providing you a copy of the backup, and storing a copy of the backup on the Support Guy server.  This provides you double protection in the event of a catastrophic failure.  
  Training - Would you like to learn how to make a changes, use features, or troubleshoot your Norstar or BCM?  Let Support Guy walk you through the process of your next move, add, change, or trouble, and you can learn how to do it for yourself.
Support Guy can provide training on anything you would like to learn on/about the Norstar or BCM.
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